Despite of growing up in a monotonous weather and landscape of frozen lands, his mind is flexible and his toughs and ideas are the fastest in the living world (or so he thinks). His skills are not well known, he has achieved some glories deeds, but he doesn’t remember all of them (maybe because of eating poisonous mushrooms after really big battles, to settle mind and body). He is good in his mind and hearth, but somewhere deep inside there’s something,…, no, not evil, but something not anyone would say nice or good, but simply naturally uncaring like any animal.

He still seeks what to do with people, community and world(s), which have failed to follow the simple laws of nature and wants to restore the previously balanced world.


Drood was born and trained in druidic circle in distant frozen plains of Coldinyrd, since he has been one of the best druids he has been chosen to participate in a rescue mission in jungle territory of hot lands in Gondvanon, where a friendly druidic circle has been attacked by dark dragon Erkhozarnolg, who captured almost all druids and enslaved all dinosaurs of the jungle. Drood has lead the team of the best druids of his circle on his giant polar bear, managed to seal the mighty beast in the deep cave but at grat cost, his polar bear and allmost of his druids fell in the combat. His fellings has been arrisen when a jung flashraker came to him and become his companion (many of his tribe has been eaten by Erkhozarnolg). So Drood in his flashraker went on a jurney to find a mighty ancient sword with enought power to finish the life of the beast … and came to Elsir Vale

Droodove potrebe


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