Lars Taranis

A tall and thin fellow, Lars is nontheless still pretty noticable. He isn’t the bulkiest of them, so he usually walks around clothed lightly. He speaks slowly and with an accent that immediately identifies him as a resident of Waterdeep. He is easy on the eyes, at least as far as the talk between the girls on the market goes. Not that he would know, he doesn’t have time for such trivialities as rumors.

Lars would sooner talk the matters over than pull a sword. His lack of martial training has left him cautious, since he knows he can’t match his better trained brothers and sisters when it comes to handling things with weapons. Because of that, he can sometimes come across as a coward.

He can be very single minded when he devoted himself to something that needs to be done.


“I’m never alone.”

As far as Lars is concerned, life is made of mysteries. And those mysteries are there to unveiled. And for that, there is nobody better to turn to than The Lord of Knowledge.

When but a child, his father has decided that he would make something of his son. Unfortunately, it quickly became obvious that the path of warrior is not the right one for young Lars, as his arms couldn’t even held the sword properly, much less use it effectively. Much to the shame of the father, the boy showed more love for books than he did for the art of fencing. Were it not for his mother, Lars and father may have parted on bad terms and who knows what would happen with him then.

A sorceress of some repute, she recognized the thirst for knowledge in the youth. She hoped to learn her son in the ways of arcane, but for all her tutelage and hard work, Lars didn’t seem to catch on anything. This puzzled her greatly, but she was more patient than her husband. She noticed that the boy continued to read and read. He seemed especially intrigued by other planes of existance and it’s denizens. This worried her a little, so she took him to a nearest temple. It just so happened that the temple in question was that of Oghma, where the boy immediately piqued interest of the clergy. Right after entering, the mother went to talk with the high priest, telling young Lars to wait for her. After a couple of minutes, when they got back, the boy was nowhere to be seen. After a couple more minutes, they found him in a grand library, immersed in tomes almost as big as himself. Books, meant for men of much more experience and milage, and yet, he seemed at ease with them.

After the initial surprise and studying the boy for some time, the high priest told the mother to gather Lars and join him in his private quarters. When there, he asked many questions… and was very satisfied with answers, if his smile was anything to go by. When he was finished, he proposed the following to the duo: the boy is obviously gifted. Staying in the cloister would allow him to expand his horizons greatly, since nobody can teach as much as the keepers of the knowledge. While mother was a little hesitant, Lars was what could only be described as exstatic. After talking it over with his father back at home(which included some screaming, some persuading, some denial and finally acceptance), it was decided that this may be indeed the best way for the budding young man. And thus became the years of education.

He proved an apt pupil, mastering languages of outsiders and elementals quickly. Of greatest interest to him were, still, the planes and everything connected with them. He showed great promise at conjuration as well and all this combined made him a protogee in calling and binding the otherwordly creatures to himself. It wasn’t long before a lone wasp or viper of somewhat questionable origin could be seen around and it was obvious who was to blame. This learned Lars a call to the high priest to a one-on-one talk.

It had potential to end a lot worse. The high priest explained there is another bit of lore that hasn’t been revealed to Lars yet, but that now might be a good time to do so. There exists, he claimed, an order of summoners, bargaining and calling the fiends of nether planes and binding them to their will, using them for good. Fighting fire with fire, essentially. He thought Lars had what it takes to join them. Of course, Lars was all too happy to learn more about it.

Years passed and Lars turned out to be one of the top conjurers in the cloister, as well as somewhat of an expert on a subject of planes and everything connected to them. The time came again to be summoned to the private quarters of high priest. The now aging man told him he needed an agent for a special kind of assigment. He unrolled a parchment before him, asking for Lars’s opinion. It was an ancient one and even with his knowledge, Lars couldn’t make much of it. He could put together something about grave danger, but that was about it. And one name, to start him off. Elsir Vale.

Larsove potrebe


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